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With a steadfast commitment to elevating public health, we are proud to be the bridge between cutting-edge medical devices and the betterment of healthcare services across the nation. At Ceyoka Health, we understand the critical role that government healthcare plays in ensuring the well-being of every citizen. Our division is purpose-built to address the unique needs of government healthcare facilities, offering a diverse portfolio of medical devices that enhance diagnostics, treatment, and patient care.

Backed by extensive experience and a deep understanding of the local healthcare landscape, our division collaborates closely with government institutions to identify their specific requirements and challenges. Our goal is to provide tailored solutions that empower healthcare professionals with the tools they need to deliver efficient and effective medical services to the public. We take immense pride in our ability to not only provide high-quality medical devices but also offer comprehensive support throughout the entire process. From procurement to installation, training to maintenance, our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience that maximizes the benefits of these technologies.

As a responsible partner in the journey towards improved public health, Ceyoka Health is committed to upholding the highest standards of compliance and quality. Our mission aligns with the government’s vision of creating a robust and accessible healthcare system that caters to the needs of all citizens. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the innovative solutions we offer, our commitment to government healthcare initiatives, and the ways Ceyoka Health is contributing to the enhancement of medical services across Sri Lanka.

More about our Partners and the Products they offer


We are a 60 year-old company that has created a lot of “firsts” in Turkey where it was born. Over the years, expanding globally, Bicakcilar Medical has helped save lives around the globe supplying the products that are crucial in healthcare. Our international and domestic customers have been with us for over 20 years proving how the care and the expertise contribute to their success. With over 800 Bıçakcılar employees, as well as our business partners, we serve our customers by manufacturing and supplying innovative, reliable and environmentally friendly medical devices. We are committed to assure that everything we do benefits the society and the environment while helping save lives.

Focused Product’s Range 

  • Disposable pressure monitoring 
  • ET (Endotracheal Tubes ) kits 

Retia Medical Systems, Inc

Retia Medical is an innovative digital health company that develops accurate and affordable advanced hemodynamic solutions that confidently inform care protocols, improve outcomes and prevent complications for all high-risk patients. The Argos® Cardiac Output (CO) Monitor enables advanced hemodynamic monitoring for high-risk patients. Its proprietary technology ensures patient safety with real-time, clinical decision support using advanced algorithms and allows clinicians to implement data-driven care protocols. To support the company’s growth, Retia has built a strong team of industry-leading technical experts and clinician advisors.

Focused product’s range 

The Argos® Cardiac Output Monitor

Enables individualized, data-driven care that aims to prevent complications. This advanced hemodynamic monitoring technology features the powerful Multi-Beat Analysis (MBA™) algorithm for consistently accurate cardiac output measurements. The system detects important changes in a patient’s hemodynamic status and enables immediate clinical intervention

Jiangsu Province Huaxing Medical Apparatus Industry Co., Ltd.

Our company is specialized in the production of second and third kind of medical devices for single use. At present, our main products are: absorbable surgical suture (PGA), non-absorbable surgical suture, single use injectors for continuous ambulatory administration of medical products by parenteral route (CBI gauge continue to the fluid / CBI+PCA gauge: control the fluid), single use puncture set for local anesthesia (AS E gauge :epidural puncture / AS E / S gauge: epidural and lumbar vertebra union puncture), single use needles for anesthesia, single use general anesthesia bags, single use drainage set for urination, single use connection conduits, electronic control pain killer injectors, single use abdomen paracentesis bags, single use central vein cannula bags (one way / two ways), single use chest puncturing bags, single use catheters for anesthesia, single use gut bags, single use needles for sternum, single use bone paracentesis bags, single use change dressing of wound cleaning and suture (A gauge / B gauge),single use three open valve, single use three – direction linkage pipe, single use tracheal catheters, single use Foley catheters, single use mushroom style catheters, single use latex drainage tubes, single use silicone rubber double cavities uterus radiography pipes, single use thorax closed type drainage bottles, single use negative pressure drainage devices, single use prepared skin knives, single use prepared skin bags, single use laryngoscope observational lens and other related goods.

Getein Biotech

Getein Biotech, Inc. is a manufacturer of medical rapid test products, with certification of CE&ISO 13485, OEM/ODM service offered. It is founded in March 2002, located in Zhongshan Science and Technology Park, Nanjing, China, with construction area of 17,000 square meters. As the leader in POCT field, our leading products include Cardiac Markers Rapid Test Kits and advanced clinical diagnostic device Quantitative Immunoassay Analyzer. Our products are suitable for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, oncosis, kidney trouble and other diseases. Currently, Getein has more than 20 national patents. Our products enjoy a good reputation among our customers because of acceptable quality and quality service. We are close to where our customers need us to be. Getein has the determination to become a competitive biotechnology company in the whole world. We have the ability to provide high quality products and professional after-sales services for you.

Focused Product’s range 

  • Hematology 
  • Biochemistry 
  • Chemiluminesense Immunoassay 
  • Urinalysis


Athenese-Dx specializes in the research, development, manufacture, and marketing of in vitro diagnostic tests and Instruments. Our state-of-the-art facility is based in Chennai, India. Continuous innovation drives us forward. Our dedicated scientists are developing high quality IVD tests in Clinical Chemistry, Rapid Test, ELISA, Fluorescence Immunoassay, Molecular Diagnostics and Instruments. Our R&D Unit is recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR).

ADX has grown from “Importing for India”, “Made in India for India”, to “Made in India for world”. Our ultimate goal is to bring innovative diagnostic tests at the highest quality to the world market. We reach our customers by combining the skills of our sales force with a network of distributors and strategic partners. We have proven track records of delivering quality products and empowering clinicians to make healthcare decision faster and more accurate.

Product Category 
Disease Category 

JS Medicina Electrónica

JS Medicina Electrónica® is made up of a team of trained professionals in electronics, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, mechanics, physics, computing, marketing and finance that enables us carry out developments in the areas of equipment and IVD lab with our brand or OEM. Since 1991, we have developed, manufactured and marketed electrode measure equipment with ISE for clinical, biochemist, vet and quality control labs both “Stand Alone” and modules for clinical chemistry analyzers. We have developed the only piece of equipment in the world that can measure 5 electrolytes simultaneously and has an “expandable” concept: start with a minimum provision and expand the equipment according to needs to the top of the family.

Focused product’s range 

It is the evolution of line 103, our best seller in the last decade, now entirely redesigned according to the latest global technology but keeping what we know well: flexibility and accessibility for each type of laboratory.

Shanghai Kinmed

China Kinmed Group located in China fast growing region Shanghai, is specialized in Medical disposable items, Surgical dressings, Medical consumable goods, Medical euquipment. The group has investment on four enterprise:
Shanghai Kinmed Import & Export Co., Ltd.
export three factory products & all other medical items.
Factory 1 Hubei Non-woven Medical Products Factory
Produce surgical face mask, nurse cap, shoe cover, surgical gown, isolation gown etc.
Factory 2 Jiangsu Gauze & Cotton Medical Products Factory Produce gauze roll, gauze swabs, cutting gauze, gauze bandage, cotton wool roll, zigzag cotton wool etc.
Factory 3: Jiangsu Medical tube & Syringes Products Factory Produce Foley catheter, ET tube, suction catheter, nelaton catheter, feeding tube, urine bag, syringes, infusion set, blood transfusion set, scalp vein set etc.
China Kinmed Group is moving aggressively into the new chapter by
continuing its commitment to quality products, competitive price and effective customer service.

Focused Product’s range 

  • Urine bags 
  • Blood bags  
  • Foley catheters 
  • ET tubes 
  • Nebulizer mask 

Tianhe Pharmaceutical

Tianhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is an expert manufacturer for extensive line of disposable blood bag systems; dedicating to maximizing customer satisfaction by delivering qualified products on-time at competitive prices through process management and continual improvement.

Focused product’s range 

  • All kind of Blood bags 

Qinkai Group

Qinkai Group is a professional manufacturer of disposable infusion sets, syringes, Burette infusion set, surgical mask, oxygen mask injection needles, scalp needles, blood collection needles, blood vessels, needles and tubes, stainless steel coils and other disposable medical supplies. It sells products from Brazil, Russia, India, Argentina, Pakistan and other countries.

Focused Product’s Range 

  • IV Transfusion sets 
  • Scalp vein sets 


At BioMedomics, we’re on a mission. We want to be the leader in innovative clinical diagnostics products that address global healthcare needs. Ambitious? Perhaps. But the need has never been greater. For example, over 400,000 children are born with sickle cell disease each year, most of them in areas of Africa and India where diagnostic lab testing is impractical. Without accessible diagnostic tests like BioMedomics Sickle SCAN, half of these children could die before the age of five. Quick, easy, and affordable, our point-of-care products are designed to be used anytime, anywhere, bringing accurate clinical results to the most vulnerable members of society. By placing immediate healthcare knowledge in the hands of individuals and their healthcare providers, we empower rapid treatment decisions which save and improve lives. Founded in 2007, BioMedomics is a privately-held clinical diagnostics company located in Morrisville, North Carolina.

Focused product’s range 

  • Antibody and antigen 
  • Sickle cell 


Analyticon is an agile and global diagnostics company focused on customized solutions for urine diagnostics and hematology. Our products support accurate and cost-effective onsite diagnostics in doctors’ offices, hospitals, and clinical laboratories. Analyticon distributes products to more than 100 countries via a worldwide network of partner companies and distributors.

All products are manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 13485 standard.

Analyticon is also a reliable OEM manufacturer for many international IVD companies.

Focused Products category


Healthier Future for Humanity with Genomic Technology. Bioneer was the first Korean biotechnology company when it was established in 1992. The company has developed state of art molecular biology products and technologies including oligonucleotides, thermostable polymerases, and instruments of gene manipulation (automatic nucleic acid extractor, thermal cycler, real-time QPCR instruments and DNA sequencer). From its inception, Bioneer has invested in the integration of recombinant DNA technology, fermentation, biochemistry and nucleic acid chemistry in addition to mechanics, photonics and electronics. The company is positioned to fully-integrate its capability to develop next generation technologies in the post-genome era through the invention of new biochemistry and instruments. Bioneer now runs two production and research facilities in Korea which are a total of 226,000 square feet. Bioneer Equipped with proprietary 384 synthesizers, these facilities contain a full production line for oligonucleotide and siRNA synthesis. In addition to DNA manufacturing, Bioneer processes recombinant proteins which are fermented and purified on proprietary purification systems. After a successful Initial Public Offering a few years ago, Bioneer Corporation launched Bioneer Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary. The American subsidiary is located in a 14,000 square foot production and distribution facility in Alameda, CA, the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. The company is devoted to providing state of art solutions to the global community of life science researchers in academia, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. We have expertise in a wide range of areas.

Focused product’s segment 

  • Molecular diagnostics 


OptiBio Co., Ltd. is a South Korean in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) company focused in researching, developing, and manufacturing cutting edge fluorescence immunoassay (FIA) solutions to enhance and progress quality healthcare access globally. In 2020, OptiBio was selected by a research fund sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation for its unique and dedicated approach to immunoassay. OptiBio’s fundamental approach of integrating in-house capabilities allows OptiBio to constantly improve its product performance, customize its solutions based on client feedback, develop new test parameters, and respond to changing market needs. OptiBio will continue to create, improve, and innovate world class diagnostic solutions in the field of fluorescence immunoassay and point-of-care testing (POCT) . Through this, we aim to ultimately transform medical diagnosis into a universally available right.

Focused product’s segment 

  • Immunoassay POCT

Norma Instruments

Norma Instruments Zrt. is a Hungarian company specialized in the designing and manufacturing of high quality and innovative blood analysis systems serving the in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) market. Since our company’s launch in 2012, Norma has grown into an international company that operates in nearly 80 countries today through a well-established and well-trained distribution network. Norma has a devoted team, with many years of experience in the development, production and commercialization of laboratory diagnostic equipment. Our product range consists of hematology analyzers and reagents for human medical and veterinary use. Our instruments can perform one of the most common hematology tests, the complete blood count (CBC), a quantitative test that counts the number of various white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets in human and animal blood. A CBC test is important because it can evaluate one’s overall state of health and is used to diagnose several disorders, including anemia, infections and leukemia. For this reason, hematology analyzers are an essential part of every laboratory. Norma was among the first companies to utilize microfluidic technologies (the blood samples used for the measurement pass through hairline tubes inside the device) in the development of hematology analyzers, which allowed us to develop the smallest hematology analyzers with the smallest sample volume processing and smallest reagent consumption in the world. Our innovations enable the analyzers to be used in point-of-care or near-patient testing environments, such as in Intensive Care Units, Emergency Departments, General Practitioner Offices, Blood Banks, Mobile Care Units. Since the launch of our company, Norma has acquired several patents and awards, from which the most outstanding were the International Red Dot Design Award in 2014, the Hungarian Millennium Innovation Award in 2016 and the Environmental Innovation Prize in 2018.

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